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Student Enrichment Opportunities Office and Diversity

I am the new Director of the SEO Office which houses numerous training fellowships for students who are historically under-served in the biomedical sciences. This includes NIH, Genentech and NSF-funded programs.


The goals of these programs are to prepare students for entrance into and successful completion of PhD degrees and biotech/health profession careers in the biomedical or physical sciences. The aims are to increase representation from historically under-served groups (African-American, Native American, Hispanic American, Pacific Islander, low income, first generation and students with disabilities) in the biomedical sciences.


We work with students towards their career paths primarily to post-graduate education, through tuition and salary stipends, academic support, professional development including participation in scientific conferences, and a stimulating research experience. We use criteria such as research experience and letters of recommendation, rather than GPA or GRE scores, as the primary means of evaluating applicants. No GPA is too low!! 


Our students end up all over the country, and even the world, working on PhD's in many different scientific fields, as well as following scientific paths in academia, industry, government, health professions in education, research and policy-making.


SF State Sacnas Chapter gets active with outreach

SEO celebration slideshow, Fall 2018


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SEO Fellowships Available!

Check the SEO Website (link below) for more information about available scholarships and fellowships.


Genentech Scholars Head Off to PhDs (2018)

Off to PhD Programs: Cameron Soulette (UC Santa Cruz), Brittany Johnson (UT SouthWestern), Mitchell Lopez (UCSF), Jennifer Gilbert (U. Wisconsin-Madison), Dagim Legesse (UT SouthWestern).


SACNAS Conference in Hawaii (2019)

Presenting at the SACNAS National Diversity in STEM Conference with Dean Domingo, Dr. Megumi Fuse, Mark Chan, and Heidi Ng. 


Presenting at SACNAS (2017)


SACNAS poster presentations with SFSU students Fernando Curiel, Jose Ortega, and Chris Pineda (U. Michigan), with Drs. Bayliss & Fuse in the middle. 

U_Michigan_gang 2016.jpg

Dr. Fuse Visits U of Michigan (2018)

U of Michigan bookstore with SFSU alumni Seth Tooley, Brenda Cisneros, Dr. Megumi Fuse, Nick Silva, and Ben Abdon.


Across the Country to PhDs (2017)

SFSU alumni head to PhD's in Fall 2017: Dennis Tabuena (U. Washington), Ben Abdon (U. Michigan), Erika Buena (U. Vermont); Brenda Cisneros (U. Michigan).

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