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I grew up in Toronto, Canada, playing cello in high school. My passion for Biology came with its introduction in high school by my female Biology teacher. She rocked! I put my cello away and got my first research experience studying meal worms at U. of Toronto. I have been looking at the physiology of insects since!

B.Sc. Zoology, University of Toronto (research mentor: Dr. John Machin)

M.Sc. Biology, York University (research mentor: Dr. Ken Davey)

Ph. D. Physiology, University of Toronto (research mentor: Dr. Ian Orchard)

Post doctoral research, University of Washington (research mentor: Dr. James Truman)

Professor, San Francisco State University

Director, Student Enrichment Opportunities Office

Tonatiuh Ruiz Garcia, BA

MS student

NIH RISE Scholar

"The role of serotonin in nociceptive sensitization in M. sexta"

Natasha Crawford, BS

MS student

Genentech Dissertation Scholar & WISE scholarship recipient

"The effects of nutritional status on nociceptive sensitization in M. sexta"

Arianne de la Pena, BS

MS student

"The actions of capsaicin in nociceptive sensitization in M. sexta"

Christian Valtiera, BS

MS student

NIH Bridges to the PhD Scholar


Karolina Maytorena, undergrad

Genentech Scholar

"Sexual dimorphisms in insect pain"

Imani Robinson, BS

MS student

Genentech Scholar

"Epigenetics of pain in an insect model"

Matthew Caliz Gutierrez, undergrad

NIH Rise Scholar


Daisy Salazar,


Genentech Scholar


Ana Rodriguez Vega, undergrad

Genentech Scholar


Alex Garcia, BS


The role of feeding in sensitization

Micahel Lin, BS 

Insect Care

Abigail Nolasco-Ramos , Insect Care


Jennifer Kim, MS

DNA methylation as a candidate mechanism of sensitization in M. sexta

Currently PhD candidate, UBC

Rebecca Melton, MS

NIH RISE Scholar

De novo transcriptome assembly after injury-induced sensitization

Currently PhD candidate, UCSD

Rima Singh, MS

Immune responses to tissue damage in M. sexta

Currently Research Associate II, Atreca

Andrew Mahoney, MS

NIH RISE Scholar

Developmental checkpoint after tissue damage in M. sexta

JC Herrera, BS

Allometry changes associated with tissue damage in M. sexta

Maribel Juarez, BS

Phenotypic changes after repair from x-ray induced tissue damage in M. sexta

Kevin Lopez, BS

Phenotypic changes after repair from x-ray induced tissue damage in M. sexta

Sergio Ramirez, BS

NIH MARC Scholar

The role of protein synthesis in sensitization in M. sexta

Currently MS candidate, UCSF/SF State

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